Island of Memories and Dreams

Chorao Island, Goa. January 2024

“I was born in Goa in 1924. My grandfather and grandmother were both chronic drunkards. Grandfather was a principal of a village school on Assolna, Salsette – a school his forefather had founded. My father, as a reaction to their bibulousness, never touched other liquid than water. He became a chronic teetotaler. On his wedding day the toast wine was poured over his head, since he would not drink it. But it is said that the progeny of bibulous progenitors are highly imaginative people. By atavism, it seems, the visions of a tipsy grandfather, pink elephants and the rest of the menagerie are transferred to the grandchildren, who see similar visions without being tipsy. You’ve only to see my paintings to know whether this is right or wrong.” – F N Souza

“Chorao Chronicles: Island of Memories and Dreams,” seeks to unravel the rich tapestry of Chorao Island’s history, culture, and collective consciousness through an immersive filmmaking workshop. Inspired by the musings of artist F N Souza on the transfer of familial visions, the workshop aims to capture the essence of this Goan island, delving into its memories and dreams held collectively by its inhabitants.