After an archaeologist unearths a medieval idol, a village is plagued by disappearances and killings, forcing its residents to flee for their lives. Six months later, the archaeologist reaches the abandoned village to uncover the source of the affliction that may be closer than he thinks.

Director: Sreejith Karnaver

Language: Konkani | Genre: Supernatural Mystery

Duration: 88 minutes

Status: World Premiere at Jio Mami 2023 | Focus South Asia

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A Delicate Horror Film Elevated by Impressive Technical Aspects


An elusive fungus sprouts in the high ridges around the Himalayan peak of Nanda Devi, accessible only via a vigorous journey. Its search is akin to finding gold, but it induces an ecstatic madness that will consume your soul. Two young friends head to the meadows for this search, unaware what fate and the fungus has in store for them.

Director: Tenzing Dakpa

Language: Bhotia | Genre: Mountain Opera

Duration: 80 minutes

Status: Post – Production